I make illustrations and apps. As an illustrator I have the possibility to create worlds by drawing, and I just love doing that! I create forests were Red Deer are your friends, or draw a map of a place you just want to be, only by looking at it. 
I focus on that feeling, on that experience. On exactly that, what makes you want to be there in this moment. 

As an illustrator I can explain things in pictures and drawings. I can let things come together in a way photography never could. I can draw attention in a way plain text just can't do. But hey, I can even combine the two, just because it fits! 

I'm skilled at illustrating your world too. I love finding out what moves you or your product, what fits in your article, whatever it is. I love making illustrations and have been making them professionaly for years. My work can be found in books, magazines, in apps and on website. You could also stumble upon them in home&living stores and on blogs. 

I would like to explain to you what my illustrations can do and how they work. 

Things my illustrations do

draw attention

Illustrations are the first thing you see when opening a page online or in a magazine, even before reading text.
By drawing your attention illustrations make you want to read an article or text. 



Illustrations make things interesting

I love the so-called 'boring' articles', and I love the challenge to make them interesting and to spice them up with illustrations. 
Illustrations can lighten up the vibe and make a 'boring' subject or text very inviting and interesting!

Illustrations are suitable for every mood

My illustrations can be funny, serious, sweet or very bold. They can lighten up an article or content, or just as well give an extra dimension of seriousness to your article. 

Illustrations blend in perfectly


illustrations explain things

Illustrations can simplify otherwise complicated ideas and explain them. 
I make maps, charts and infographics that hold information. Information that is just way more accesible and easier to understand once it's presented in an illustrated jacket! 

Illustrations have no limits

My illustrations can tell impossible stories,  the only limit is your imagination. They can literally tell anything. When words are not enough, there are still illustrations. Illustrations can create images that aren't there or bring complex situations together.

Illustrations can be fast & timely

Illustrations can often be made fast. 
I'm used to teaming up with the writer of an article. This way, I can start making the illustrations when the article isn't even finished yet! 
Also, I don't need to worry about things like weather problems. It's always the perfect weather for the occassion in my illustrations. 




Illustrations help you stand out. 
The essence of illustration for me is the working by hand. Drawing by hand makes my work personal. My style is reflected in the way I work. My illustrations are always unique and will always have an 'edge' that makes them stand out. 

Illustrations make things look pretty

We just like to look at pretty things. Pretty things make us feel good. And they draw attention! Illustrations can help the viewer focus on the good things. If only we could be there! Making illustrations makes me happy, and I sincerely hope it shows! 


Illustrations are easily adaptable

My Illustrations are easily adaptable. They are easy to customize, modify or change and seamlessly adding or removing elements is often no big deal. 
I'm experienced in designing for digital and print. 
Illustrations can also be easily adjusted for printing or to be used in other media.



If you are interested in talking further about how we can work together, contact me through the link below.