Fall illustrations and a DIY!

I love fall with it's crisp air, cold winds and beautifully colored leaves!
For magazine Margriet I illustrated this lovely article about Fall themed activities with kids.
I also created a DIY for you: leaf painting! 

- Start by collecting a bunch of beautiful autumn leaves. A dry and sunny day is a perfect day for collecting leaves, the ones you will find will be already clean and almost ready to use! Just after a storm is also a perfect timing to search for them. Be sure to collect leaves in different shades, colours and shapes.

- Take your leaves home and let them dry in or under a heavy book, wrapped in a few tissues. 
This way they will dry out nice and flat and keep their color.

- Paint the leaves with gouache or paint markers like posca markers. I let myself be inspired by the shapes on the leaves and the patterns it made me think of, but of course you can draw anything you like on your leaves! If you don't know what to paint, think of what you saw in the forest, of the animals that live there, of all the things that mean 'fall' to you. 

-The finished leaves will be a perfect fall decoration to your home! You can tape them on the wall with washi tape, or create a beautiful garland!