Things on my want list

Some jars, a few nice vases, a new cabinet, a sidetable... all things on my want list. 
We are redecorating our home! 


To find inspiration I really like browsing pinterest and I'm always taking mental notes when I see something I want to remember. I love to mix and match patterns and materials, colors and textures to create the look and feel I like. 
I love pinterest to create moodboards, but when it comes to my real, definite want list, I prefer sketching. An illustrated list is so much more complete for me, the sketches provide me with enough information to put all the pieces together. 
It's actually a bit like making an illustration; mixing and matching ideas and colours until it feels just like what you had in mind. 

This is my want list. 

The next step is to actually find the pieces that look like my sketches, can't wait to start the searching and shopping! 

What does your want list looks like?