Rewilding again

A year ago I decided to join the Rewild your Life April Challenge.
Has it really been a year? It has, wow! Time really flies. 
Last year I kept a journal during the challenge, and made a movie of the journal I kept during the challenge. This is last year's journal

This year I decided to join the April Challenge again. Exactly one year later, with this freshly bound, supernew journal.
For the next 30 days I will try to spend at least 30 minutes in nature each day. And I will write, draw, sketch and paint in my journal of course. 


I bind my journals myself and try to use as many eco-friendly materials and recycled papers as possible when making them. 

After the first few days of rewilding I realized how accustomed I am to being outdoors each day, how easy this challenge is for me. It also immediately occurred to me that that's really not the point, because joining the challenge again feels like something I really want, something I really need. It feels more like a reward; I'm actually giving myself 30 days to really focus on what I see, do and experience when I am outdoors. 30 days of making inspirational trips and illustration hikes and lots of me-time. 
It's the best thing ever, I'm enjoying every minute of it!