Painting autumn leaves

Last week I took a hike, and brought home a lot of beautiful autumn leaves to paint.
I love the variety of the leaves you can find as they are all different and unique, and I find it very inspiring to let the shapes and veins determin what shapes and lines I paint. 

You should try it yourself, it's so much fun! 
Collect several fallen autumn leaves from your yard or the forest. 
Try to find different shapes, sizes and colors to experiment with, and choose the ones that are still a bit shiny and flexible. If the leaves are too dry or curled to much, they are too fragile to paint.

I used a white paint marker to paint my leaves, I like using it because you can use it everywhere and don't need anything except the marker itself, but you can also use white gouache and a small pencil, or even try different colors. 

Try not to limit yourself by thinking too much about what your painting, I find it very relaxing to just paint whatever comes to mind, to just let the leaf tell me where my lines are going. Do try it, the outcome can be very surprising! 

When taken indoors, the leaves have a tendency of drying out quite quickly, and becoming too dry and curly too paint well. It's a great idea to paint outdoors of course, but painting them on the same day as you found them will work just as well.
If you, for some reason, can't paint them right away you can preserve them by carefully placing them between pages of a heavy book.

Have fun!