Jumpstart your creative journaling!

Spring! I hope you're enjoying these first weeks of Spring as much as I do. 
I'm very excited to release my new 21 Day Nature Journal! 
This journal is a great place to record all of your adventures in nature. 
And there's more.... the journal comes with a 21 day journaling guide! So no need to worry about finding inspiration or filling the first white pages, I will guide you in your creative journaling for 21 days. Every day you'll receive an email with tips, tricks and ideas to get the best out of your journal. 

With this journal I tried to make something that I would use myself, something really special, and I hope you like it as much as I do! 
Each journal contains blank and squared paper and some extra special details, like a vintage book page and envelopes to keep your nature finds safe. 
Every journal cover is Riso printed, which I think is awesome! I love print and special printing techniques and I'm so happy I could use this printing technique for my journal! The black and white ink works beautifully on the thick brown muskat paper. 

You can buy my journal here