How Wild Weather got better

While our new app Wildfulness was getting more and more popular in Japan and Korea by the minute, we were busy working on new backgrounds and more improvements for our weather app Wild Weather. 
The new update is available on the App Store, and I would love to share some insights on the proces of making this update. 

We discovered lots of new animals in the Wild Weather forest. 
This is how they look at first. I work with pencil and fineliner and refine them digitally to add personality.

Coming up with new animals and drawing them was absolutely my favorite part of this update.  

We also added lots of new day and night landscapes.
Creating the different landscapes is like fitting pieces of a puzzle together, layer by layer. It's almost
 like creating decorations for a theater play; it all has to fit! My aim is to create realistic setting with the right trees and the right animals in every temperature range.


With the new detailed 24 hour forecast Wild Weather and an hourly forecast you know even better what weather to expect! 
Wild Weather works even better on iPad now and Mark improved the rain and other weather conditions :)