About drawing neighbours, unkind equestrians and green treetops

Today I would like to show you some of my illustrations that have been recently published in the media. 

For women's magazine Margriet I've been illustrating weekly articles for the past few months.
The articles are about beauty, health and personal experiences and the subjects vary from week to week. Here are a few of the illustrations that have been published, about neighbours, starting your own business, having the flu and health care. 

When making these illustrations, I always use colors based on a color palette provided, that is being used throughout the whole magazine. I also have to keep in mind to keep enough space to place the title and photo's on the right place.
At the moment I'm working on illustrations with a Christmas/winter theme.

For Equestrian magazine Bit I illustrated  two articles, one about riders in traffic and
the other about bullying amongst equestrians. And of course, with bullying being such a serious subject, I have to make sure my illustrations are serious too, they have to reflect the content of the article. 

For Environmental organization IVN I designed an illustrated spread with several facts and figures about the influence of nature on human brains. Very interesting to learn how even just a little bit of green has an incredible effect on people living in the city. Did you know that even looking at photo's of mountains and forests has a positive effect on your health?