Purple inspiration

Are you a mover or a thinker?
Do you need to move in order to solve problems and to find inspiration, or do you sit still and think and brainstorm for hours to come up with the perfect solution?
I'm definitely a mover, I need to move in order to think. I spend a lot of time outdoors, hiking or trail riding, and most of my illustrations and lettering are inspired by my outdoor adventures.
I love it as much as I need it to do what I do. 

Last week I took my camera with me on a hike to the Posbank area, part of Veluwezoom National Park in the Netherlands.
With it's landscape of hills, forests, heath and sand it is one of my favorite places to visit.
And when summer ends and the heather turns purple, the hills are almost magical! 

It was this hike that inspired me to make my recent handlettered illustration 'the hills are calling'. 

Where do you find inspiration? Do you need to spend time outdoors like me, or do you have a different strategy? Love to hear how you think about his!