21 days of Handlettering and the Happiness Project


Two very different 21 day projects which I tried to combine, and I really liked the way it worked out! 

21 days of practicing typography made me realise how much I actually love to make letters, how much I love handlettering and creating words and quotes.
And no, of course that doesn’t really come as a suprise, I’ve always been keen on drawing letters and have been doing it since I was a kid. 
But these 21 days gave me the urge to try new things, to experiment with materials and to make more time for trying stuff, which lead me to some very new things that I would really like to take to the next level. 

And I still love the way Gretchen Rubin looks at things and how she’s able to analyse situations. It’s so refreshing! 
By combining the two, Gretchen Rubin helped me to find the words or the vibe I wanted to work with when practicing typography, but at the same time I did take the freedom not make what I wanted to make, when I felt like it, not feeling restricted by it at all. 

In this post are some pictures of the result of 21 days playing with typography and handlettering.