Birding is badass - 14 days of birds

This month I worked on an awesome 14 day project. For two weeks I made a bird a day. During the project I let myself be inspired by the materials I used, and of course by the birds I saw and studied in these 14 days. 

Day 3, coal tit. I really sounds like spring when I hear all the small birds around our house!

Day 3, coal tit. I really sounds like spring when I hear all the small birds around our house!

I watched the tits on my balcony, listened to the chattering of the house sparrows on the street and watched the magpies build their own party in the trees I look out on from my studio window.

To make my birds I used gouache, aquarel and collage techniques. Here's an overview of the illustrations I made. The original artwork is for sale! 

All the original artwork is now for sale! 
You can own an original illustration (so no copy or print) for just $55 / €55. This includes standard worldwide shipping. 

Here's a list of the illustrations that are still available. 

If you want to own one of my birds just send me an email with the number of the illustration(s) you're interested in and it can be yours!

11 things I learned from doing a 30 day project

Almost a month ago I started my new 30 day project; 30 days of flowers. 
For 30 days I've been drawing and painting flowers, using ink, pencils, watercolor, brush pencils and gouache. I really love 21 or 30 day projects because they really can really make an impact. By challenging yourself you will most likely suprise yourself. 
It’s a great way to make you more aware of how you are spending your time. 30 days is not too overwhelming, but enough time to learn a new habit, to get rid of an old one or learn a new skill! 
Long enough to have fun and to really learn something. Short enough to keep focussed and stay light.You’ll be amazed at what you can do in 30 days!

11 things I learned during this 30 day challenge

- You start noticing things you didn't notice before. I always liked flowers, but after 30 days of studying them I notice so much more. Like I'm suddenly wearing floral glasses ;) 

- The power of routine is amazing. The last weeks have been busy, very busy! Besides working on our apps I had lots of great client work and I also wanted to make some great trail rides and hikes. The daily habit of sitting down to make my flowers made it easier to make the time to do it, without feeling too rushed or overwhelmed by my schedule. 

- 'What you do everyday matters more than what you do every once in a while' (one of Gretchen Rubin's Secrets of Adulthood). Doing something day after day for a period of time matters more than doing something just once. 

- Sometimes I just didn't feel like drawing flowers. And that was okay, I did it anyway. And you know what? I never regret having painted those flowers afterwards! 

- Getting bored can be a good thing! Around day 8 I felt a bit bored... flowers... again?! But eventually it made me look at things differently, forced me to try something new to keep it interesting. 

- I discovered new places. We have a lovely picking garden in our neighbourhood that I had never been before! It's a lovely place where you can pick flowers, fruit and vegetables and a great place to relax and drink a cup of tea. 

- There will be good days and bad days. And that's okay (or at least I have to act like that's okay). I really love some paintings I made. And there are also a few drawings I don't like so much. I posted them anyway. 


- I really like gouache. I always liked gouache, but I discovered that I really REALLY like it and want to do more with it! 

- Time is something you have to make. We all get the same 24 hours. Just taking half an hour a day for doing something you really really want to do is something we all can do, you just have to make it a priority, a commitment. 
By starting a 30 day project you make the subject of your project a priority. No matter what, you HAVE to do it. Not forever, but just for 30 days. 

- You really get better. Really, you do! 

- I love 30 day projects. And I'm already thinking about my next challenge! Gouache will probably be involved ;) 


How Wild Weather got better

While our new app Wildfulness was getting more and more popular in Japan and Korea by the minute, we were busy working on new backgrounds and more improvements for our weather app Wild Weather. 
The new update is available on the App Store, and I would love to share some insights on the proces of making this update. 

We discovered lots of new animals in the Wild Weather forest. 
This is how they look at first. I work with pencil and fineliner and refine them digitally to add personality.

Coming up with new animals and drawing them was absolutely my favorite part of this update.  

We also added lots of new day and night landscapes.
Creating the different landscapes is like fitting pieces of a puzzle together, layer by layer. It's almost
 like creating decorations for a theater play; it all has to fit! My aim is to create realistic setting with the right trees and the right animals in every temperature range.


With the new detailed 24 hour forecast Wild Weather and an hourly forecast you know even better what weather to expect! 
Wild Weather works even better on iPad now and Mark improved the rain and other weather conditions :) 

Relax and unwind in nature with Wildfulness

After months of work we're so proud to finally present our new app Wildfulness to you! 

Spending time in nature helps you to reduce stress and increases your energy level. 
Wildfulness combines hand drawn nature scenes with psychoacoustic 3D sounds to help you unwind and calm your mind.
With several scenes, soothing sounds, and a handy timer, you can immerse yourself in a calming experience after a long day.

Connect with nature by watching the animated landscapes and listening to the soothing sounds of forests and wildlife, or recharge your mind in just 6 seconds with the help of bird song.

Wildfulness is available for iPhone and iPad an can be found in the App Store:

Wild Weather - your weather just got illustrated!

We're so proud to present our new app to you! 
Wild Weather combines hand drawn illustrations with accurate forecasts. It features dozens of hand drawn illustrations and matches your location, time of day and current weather condition.
Wild Weather has dozens of landscapes for every temperature, from cold winter scenes to sunny hills and dark nights. You can even spot some deer if you're lucky! 

Wild Weather works on iPhone and ipad and is also available for Android 

Fall illustrations and a DIY!

I love fall with it's crisp air, cold winds and beautifully colored leaves!
For magazine Margriet I illustrated this lovely article about Fall themed activities with kids.
I also created a DIY for you: leaf painting! 

- Start by collecting a bunch of beautiful autumn leaves. A dry and sunny day is a perfect day for collecting leaves, the ones you will find will be already clean and almost ready to use! Just after a storm is also a perfect timing to search for them. Be sure to collect leaves in different shades, colours and shapes.

- Take your leaves home and let them dry in or under a heavy book, wrapped in a few tissues. 
This way they will dry out nice and flat and keep their color.

- Paint the leaves with gouache or paint markers like posca markers. I let myself be inspired by the shapes on the leaves and the patterns it made me think of, but of course you can draw anything you like on your leaves! If you don't know what to paint, think of what you saw in the forest, of the animals that live there, of all the things that mean 'fall' to you. 

-The finished leaves will be a perfect fall decoration to your home! You can tape them on the wall with washi tape, or create a beautiful garland! 



This month we moved to our new house. An incredibly busy time of packing and unpacking, painting walls and enjoying our lovely new home!  I have a lovely studio here and already started decorating it.  
I enjoyed the summer sun and designed a wallpaper with the girls from 'de Groene Meisjes' blog. An illustrated spread that I made for Dutch Nature and Environmental Organisation IVN got published, I started my first succulent collection (I promise to tell you more about
this soon) and even I got crowned the Queen of Quiche. Wow!

Together with the lovely girls from de Groene Meisjes I designed a green, fruity, vegan-inspired wallpaper for your (i)Phone and tablet. On their blog, the Groene Meisjes talk about green living, cooking and thinking. I love their enthusiastic posts about green living, their yummy vegan recipes and lists of the best places to eat healthy!
They also wrote about me and my work on their blog! Read it here! 

I illustrated a lot of recipes that got featured on the wonderful website They Draw and Cook.
Illustrators from all over the world illustrate their favorite recipes. The variation is awesome and the recipes delicious! My collection of very yummy yet easy to make quiche recipes earned me the title 'Queen of Quiche', and my quiche recipes were featured on the homepage. 

For Dutch Environmental Organisation IVN I got to illustrate a beautiful spread about the Dutch Delta, and a movie that's coming out next month. 


I hope your July was as wonderful as mine. Enjoy your summer! 

Studio Brun


Deze maand verhuisden we naar ons nieuwe huis. Veel dozen, veel inpakken (en weer uitpakken), muurtjes schilderen maar vooral ook genieten!
In ons nieuwe huis heb ik een prachtige nieuwe studio en maakte ik al een begin met inrichten. 
Ik genoot van de zomerzon en ontwierp een wallpaper voor je telefoon en tablet, in samenwerking met de Groene Meisjes. 
IVN publiceerde een geïllustreerde spread vól met mijn illustraties en ik begon mijn eerste échte vetplantjes collectie (vertel ik je binnenkort meer over, beloofd) in mijn nieuwe studio. 
En als kers op de taart werd ik uitgeroepen tot Quiche Koningin. Wauw! 

Samen met de gezellige meisjes van De Groene Meisjes ontwierp ik een groen, fruitig en vegan-geïnspireerde wallpaper voor de telefoon en tablet. 
Op hun blog schrijen de Groene Meisjes over groen leven, koken en denken. Ik ben gek op hun superenthousiaste posts over groen leven, hun lekkere vegan recepten
en overzichten met goede plekken om te eten. 
Ze schreven ook een stukje over mij en mijn werk op hun blog. Dit stukje kun je hier vinden. 

Ik illustreerde een aantal recepten die te zien zijn op de geweldige website They Draw and Cook.
Op deze website illustreren illustratoren van over de hele wereld hun favoriete recepten. De variatie is geweldig en de recepten zalig! 
Mijn collectie van superlekkere maar oh zo makkelijk te maken quiches zorgde ervoor dat ik de bijnaam Quiche Koningin kreeg, en mijn quiche recepten
een week lang op de homepage te zien waren! 

Voor IVN mocht ik weer eens een prachtige spread illustreren met als thema de Hollandse Delta en de film daarover die volgende maand uitkomt. 
Een geweldige opdracht om allerlei weetjes en feitjes als een puzzel bij elkaar te laten komen in een ontwerp. 
En net als iedere keer weer vind ik het prachtig om te zien hoe een ontwerp er dan ook in het ECHT uitziet, geprint en wel, en om het in mijn handen te houden. 

Ik hoop dat jouw Juli net zo fijn was als die van mij. Geniet van je zomer! 

Studio Brun